Johann Wilhelm Weinmann (1638 - 1741) - "Phytantoza Iconographica"

Decorative copper engravings printed in colour and originally coloured by hand (colour engravings), edited by J.W. Weinmann - a pharmacist from Regensburg (1638 - 1741). The series was published under the title "Phytantoza Iconographica". From 1735 till 1745 semiannual serial editions with 50 plates were delivered. At all 1025 colour plates were engraved by the Augsburg copper engravers Bartholomäus Seuter, Johann Jakob Haid and Johann Elias Ridinger. For the first time the technique of colour engraving was used in Germany. The scientific texts were written by the Regensburg physicians Johann Georg Nicolaus Dieterichs, his son Ludwig Michael Dieterichs and Ambrosius Carl Bieler.