David Roberts, R.A. (1796 - 1864)

Views of Egypt and the Holy Land

All entries are original tinted lithographs after the drawings of David Roberts (R.A.) worked out by H. Haghe and published by E.G. Moon, London 1842 - 1849. Catalogue numbers are in chronological order following the itinerary of David Roberts (1838/39).

All offered items are from the First or the Deluxe Edition (both 1842 - 1849). Half-page plate prints of the First Edition are full page items with the text beneath the image and on verso. Prints of the Deluxe Edition are coloured and finished by hand, trimmed to the image and mounted to a backing board without text.

All prints are in a very good condition, except as noted. Entries give, after the catalogue number and a short description, Roberts' inscription from the plate surface, the title, edition, size (height x width), and condition, followed by a few additional information about the picture.

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