Johann Weikard Freiherr von Valvasor (1641 – 1693), Freiherr zu Galleneck und Neudorff, Herr zu Wagensperg und Liechtenberg

Slovenian nobleman, topographer and historian, fellow of the Royal Society

Valvasor created a large number of descriptions, drawings and sketches about the landscape, culture, architecture and history of his homeland Carniola, but also on Carinthia and Styria. His main work 'The Glory of the Duchy of Carniola', published in 1689 in Nuremberg in 15 volumes, contains many copper engravings made by Andreas Trost with views and maps from Carniola, engraved after sketches by Valvasor. For his studies on the hydrology of Lake Cerknica (Cerkniško jezero) Valvasor became - upon the proposal of Edmond Halley - a fellow of the Royal Society.