Johann Conrad Susemihl (1767 - 1847). German draughtsman and copper engraver.

Johann Conrad Susemihl became famous for his bird pictures. The very decorative depictions of birds, drawn and engraved by Johann Conrad Susemihl, his children and his brother, had been printed in colours and additionally coloured by hand. The ornithological material and information he got from natural scientists and hunters in Darmstadt, one of them was the botanist and entomologist Moritz Balthasar Borckhausen. The 126 colour engravings were edited as "Teutsche Ornithologie oder Naturgeschichte aller Vögel Teutschlands in naturgetreuen Abbildungen und Beschreibungen", published by Moritz Balthasar Borckhausen, Ernst Friedrich Lichthammer, C.W. Bekker & M. Lembcke, Darmstadt 1800 - 1811. The engravings belong to the finest examples of copper engravings in the early 19th century. Ref.: Nissen, IVB 907.