Johann Matthias Hase (1684 - 1742)
Cartographer and professor of mathematics in Wittenberg. Worked for Homann Heirs.

Hase, son of a teacher of mathematics in Augsburg, first studied theology in Helmstedt and from 1704 mathematics in Leipzig. Through his work as a private teacher for a noble family in Augsburg he took a closer look at geography and cartography. 1719 he became a professor for mathematics at the university of Wittenberg, where he worked for more than 22 years.

During the 30th of the 18th century Hase started to make maps for the Homann publishing house. As a cartographer who realy made reseach into sources he can be listed together with Guiaume Delisle (1675-1716) and Jan-Baptist d'Anville (1697-1782). Main interest he brought into the geographic-political history of the regions of Europe, Northern Africa and Near East.

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