Johann Gabriel Doppelmayr (1677-1750)

Doppelmayr was the son of a merchant in Nuremberg. First he studied law in Altdorf nearby Nuremberg and later on mathematics and astronomy in Halle / Saale. 1704 he became professor for mathematics and 1716 director of the Eimmart observatory in Nuremberg. Even during this time (latest from 1706) he worked for Johann Baptist Homann and his publishing house. 1714 his introduction on geography for the large Homann atlas was published. 1742 his 'Atlas Coelestis' with 30 celestial maps was published by Homann Heirs. Together with the engraver Johann Georg Puschner the Elder (1680-1749) he made several terrestrial and celestial globes. Through his work the heliocentrism by Copernicus became much more popular.