Istanbul - MondhareIstanbul - Mondhare
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Istanbul - Constantinople

Title: Vue de la Grand Cavaleade du Grand Seigneur Lorsque sa Hautes se par oit en public.

Great horse parade for his Highness Sultan Mustafa III.

The big and lively palace of the Sultan, with Janissaries on horseback or by foot. In the middle of the view on horseback  Sultan Mustafa III with his warriors.

Orig. coloured copper engraving, so-called "Vue d'optique", added on both sides and below with watercolour paintings “people and armed Janissaries”, probably to enlarge the picture that it fits in a larger optical device (zograscope).

Published by Mondhare, Paris about 1760, picture size with the paintings: 40 x 57 cm.

Unique old view of Istanbul, an engraving with original watercolour add-ons.

€  950,-