nach Bodmer - Piékann Häuptlingnach Bodmer - Piékann Häuptling
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Watercolour painting after Karl Bodmer - Tátsicki Stomíck. Piékann Chief.

Portrait of Tátsicki Stomíck (Middle Bull), a chief of the Piegan Blackfoot Indians. For Bodmer's watercolour he wore a blue and white trimmed beaded shirt, and had painted his face vivid vermillion and blue.

Our watercolour was made after Tableau 45 from Prince Maximilian's “Travels in the Interior of North America, 1832-1834”, published 1837-44 (see No BT4589).

This watercolour was painted by an artist at court of the Maharaja of Tonk, Northern-India, in the second half of the 19th century.

Watercolour painting, with opaque white, and pen-and-ink drawing, on paper, by a court painter after Karl Bodmer. With the seal of the Maharaja of Tonk, Northern-India 2nd half of the 19th century. Tonk was a princely state of India.

Image size: c 33 x 24 cm, paper size: 43,6 x 30 cm.

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