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World map - Map of the Poles - Chronometer

„ Geographische Universal-Zeig und Schlag-Uhr“

In the center of the copper engraving is a magnificent table clock in rectangular shape with a very detailed dial. In the middle of the dial is the earth, showing the north pole with its surrounding oceans and continents , Europe, Asia and America. California is indicated as an island. Parts of Europe and America are under the shadow of the night, the other half of the sky is in bright sunlight with the sun in the east. Above the universe is a ring with the zodiac signs. The very detailed explanation how to use this magnificent chronometer is written in German language.

Copper engraving with contemporary colour by Johann Baptist Homann after a template of the watchmaker Zacharias Landteck, Nuremberg around 1742

Size: 49 cm x 58 cm

Very fine contemporary colour, perfect condition

€ 950,-