Toraji - Young beautyToraji - Young beauty
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Ishikawa Toraji (1875-1964)

Reclining nude with parrot

Title: Buryû inko (Blue parrot)

Series: Rajo jûsshu (Ten types of female nudes)

Publisher: Ryoku-usô Gashitsu

Date: 1935

Size: 30,2 x 37,9 cm (woodblock size)

Kyôgôzuri (Key block print)

Very good impression, perfect condition.

One of the elegant nudes by Toraji in the style of the Art Deco.

Fig. of the multi-coloured woodblock print see The Female Image, p 169, No 237; catalogue Koichi Museum of Art, Ishikawa Toraji ten, p 179, No 234-1.