Gekkô: Airing out
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Ogata Gekkô (1859-1920)

A young woman from a samurai household standing in front of the family treasures (armour, books, etc.), spread out for the annual summer airing. The infant boy of the family plays on the floor with a shishi lion mask.

Title: Mushi-boshi (Airing out)

Series: Fujin fuzoku zukushi (Women's customs and manners)

Signature: Gekkô

Seal: Setsugyaku (?)

Carver: Negishi Chokuzan (Chokusan)

Publisher: Sasaki Toyokichi, Tokyo

Date: Meiji 24 (1891)

Original Japanese woodblock print. Size: Vertical Ôban, 32.7 x 22 cm (image)

Very good impression and colours, with gaufrage and lustre printing. Unbacked. In left and right margins a little dust-soiled, a small printer' ink spot, in bottom margin a few very faint creases. Overall very good condition.

Cf. Tokyo Metropolitan Library, 0717-5(21)/東0717-005(021).