Hasui: The Asama or Sengen Shrine
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Kawase Hasui (1883-1957)

A quiet, autumnal street scene in front of the gate to the shrine district. An old man and a little girl are gazing into the moat in front of the enclosure wall of the shrine; a woman with a baby on her back is walking down the street, a flock of pigeons is flying into the sky.

Title: Shizuoka - Asama (Sengen) jinja (The Asama or Sengen Shrine in Shizuoka)

Series: Tôkaidô fûkei senshû (Selection of views of the Tokaido)

Signature: Hasui

Seal: Kawase (o. Sui)

Publisher: Watanabe Shôzaburô, Tokyo (Seal Hotei D)

Date: Shôwa 9 (1934)

Original Japanese colour woodblock print. Size: Vertical Ôban, 36.1 x 23.7 cm (image size)

Early impression. Excellent impression, colours and condition. The usual small drying hole in left margin. Verso in bottom margin small stamp "Made in Japan". Provenance: Muller Collection. A very atmospheric scene, rarely seen.

Hotei no. 230 (Narazaki 184). Cf. Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, no. 2006.358.