Eisen: Lovers on a boat
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Keisai Eisen (1790-1848)

Lovers on a river boat in summer.

Title: Sumidagawa (On the Sumida River)

From: Haru no usuyuki (Light Spring Snow), vol. 2

Date: 1822

Size: Horizontal Oban, 24,7 x 36,1 cm (overall size)

Perfect impression and colours, with metallic pigment. Full sheet, with usual centrefold. Very few small spots. Excellent and fresh condition.

Hayashi/Lane, Ukiyo-e Shunga Meihin Shusei, vol. 5: Eisen, Haru no usuyuki, Tokyo 1996, Ill. p. 32f. Uhlenbeck/Winkel, Japanese Erotic Fantasies, p. 170 f, No. 61
A very lovely image from one of Eisen’s best erotic works, praised by Richard Lane for the "unflaggingly refined level of its artistic expression" (ibid., p. 44)