Shunshô: Liebespaar mit KatzeShunshô: Liebespaar mit Katze
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Katsukawa Shunshô (1726-1793)

Two lovers under the kotatsu blanket, the man almost completely hidden from view. At their feet a humping cat, outraged and screaming, who has just been driven out from the cosy warmth of the kotatsu.

From: Ehon haikai yobuko-dori (The Haikai Book of the Cuckoo)

Date: 1788

Size: Horizontal Oban, 24 x 36,8 cm (overall)

Excellent impression in very good colours, with the usual centrefold. Lower corners only slightly rubbed and soiled. Small collector's seal at the back side. Very nice condition.
One of the most beautiful, and probably the most famous image from this important erotic work by the artist. Very rare to find.

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