Hideki: Yuya
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Hanabusa Hideki (1913/14-1998)

Yuya with her sick mother's letter. A scene from the Noh drama "Yuya"

Title: Yuya

Signature: Hideki

Seal: Hide

Publisher/Printer: Matsumoto Setsutarô (unsealed)

Date: c. 1950/60s

Size: Vertical Dai-Ôban, 39 x 38,5 x 25,7 cm (image size)

Excellent impression and colours, with gold pigment. In the upper corners two weak stains from former attachment, otherwise excellent condition.

Supplement: Sheet with explanations on the drama, printed in English and Japanese.

From a rare small series of scenes from the classical Noh drama. The artist specialized almost exclusively in scenes from the Noh drama and the Bunraku Puppet Drama, and was mainly active as a painter.