Kuniyoshi: Teraoka Heiemon NobuyukiKuniyoshi: Teraoka Heiemon Nobuyuki
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Utagawa Kuniyoshi (1798-1861)

The samurai Teraoka Heiemon Nobuyuki extinguishing a charcoal brazier with a ladle full of water (No. 18)

Series: Seichû gishi den (Stories of the Faithful Samurai)

Signature: Ichiyûsai Kunyoshi ga

Seal: Kiri-Mon

Censors: Mera and Murata

Publisher: Ebiya Rinnosuke (Ebirin, Kaijudô), Edo

Date: c. 1847/48

Size: Vertical Oban, 36,2 x 25,2 cm (overall)

Excellent impression and colours. Unbacked. Top margin minimally trimmed. A few short pleats in lower left corner, else excellent condition.

Robinson, S54.18. Ill. in Weinberg, Kuniyoshi. The faithful samurai. Amsterdam 2005, p. 74 f, No. I.18

One of Kuniyoshi’s most famous warrior series. Each one of the 47 legendary heroes of the history of the loyal retainers (Chûshingura) is presented here in a single image, together with his biography.
Having become masterless samurai (rônin) after the forced suicide of their lord, the daimyô of Akô, Asano Naganori (1701), these loyal retainers avenged their master’s death - after two years of secret planning – by killing their foe Kira Yoshinaka.