Yoshimitsu: Snow at the Kamo RiverYoshimitsu: Snow at the Kamo River
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Nomura Yoshimitsu (1870-1958)

Passersby on the snow covered riverbank of the Kamo river in Kyoto: a porter, a rickshaw driver, a lady walking her dog...

Title: Kamo tsutsumi no yuki (Snow on the Banks of the Kamo River)

Series: Kyôraku meisho (Famous Places in and around Kyoto)

Signature: Yoshimitsu

Block cutter: Maeda Kentarô

Publisher: Satô Shôtarô

Date: 1931

Size: Horizontal Oban, 21,3 x 34,3 cm (block size)

Excellent impression and colours with relief printing. Some creasing to the left side and some very small tears in the left margin, altogether in very good condition. Early second edition, printed in the 1930s with the Satô seal below the signature of the artist.

Cp.: Dorothy Blair, Catalogue Toledo Museum of Art, exhibition 1936, No. 288 (details for block cutter and date). The new wave, p. 2016. Merritt/Yamada, Guide, p. 112. Also Ritsumeikan arcUP2588 (dated 1930)