Suizan: The Hozu river in early summerSuizan: The Hozu river in early summer
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Miki Suizan (1887-1957)

A boat trip through the rapids of the Hozu river near Kyoto in a summer mountain scenery.

Title: Shoka (Hatsunatsu) no Hozugawa (Early summer on Hozu river)

Series: Shinsen Kyôto meisho, daini-shû (A new selection of famous Kyoto views, second collection)

Signature: Suizan ga

Carver: Maeda Kentarô

Print maker: Ôiwa Tokuzô

Publisher: Satô Shôtarô

Date: 1924

Size: Horizontal Dai-Oban, 26,1 x 38,8 cm

Excellent print, colours and condition.

Cp.: Dorothy Blair, Catalogue Toledo Museum of Art, Exhibition 1930, No. 122. (for carver, printer and dating). Cp. MFA Boston No. 38.723.