Eishi- Drei Damen mit Maulbeerblättern
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Hosoda Eishi (1756 – 1829)

Three ladys with mulberry leaves.

A young woman spreading mulberry leaves on a mat to dry them. Another woman to her left picking mulberry leaves from a branch into a big basket in front of her. A third woman, looking around the corner of a dividing wall, chatting with the other two, holding a mulberry branch with silkworm cocoons in her hand.

Series: “Kaiko – silkworms” (No. 5)

Signature: Eishi ga

Publisher: Nishimura Yohachi

Date: around 1820

Size: Chuban, 23 cm x 16,5 cm

Print in very good condition with fine colours. Extremely rare, to date undocumented, from a an hitherto undocumented sericulture series by the artist.