Gekkô - Japanisch-Chinesischer Krieg
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Ogata Gekkô (1859-1920)

Fierce naval battle during the Sino-Japanese war (1894-95). A Japanese war ship destroys a Chinese war ship.

Title: Picture of the Sino-Japanese war and the great victory of the Japanese Navy near the Island of Taikôsan

Signature: Gekkô

Seal: Kagyôsai

Publisher: Takegawa Seikichi, Tokio

Date: Meiji 27 (1894)

Size: Oban-Triptychon, ca. 37 x 73 cm (print size)

Very good impression of the print with relief printing. The print is contemporary putted together, margins are not trimmed and the print not mounted. Some small stains and some tiny wrinkles. In the upper margin a bit taned, altogether in very good condition.

Cp.: Chaikin, The Sino-Japanese War, 1983, No. 13, Img. P. 124